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Join our growing list of Event Sponsors!
Class of 1972
Marty Brophy
Billy Creonte
Rich Logan

Class of 1974
Joe Chaisson
Shawn DeLorey
Paul Mabardy
Ernie Randolfi
Keith Solomon

Class of 1975
Rick Pidgeon
Phil Riccio

Class of 1976
John Mallin

Class of 1978
Paul Brady
Paul Carney
Sal DiStefano

Company Sponsorship:
Real Estate Wizard
Chuck Smerlas

Class of 1979
Company Sponsorship:
Specialty Products Resources, Inc
Joe DiStefano

Class of 1980
John Wade
Class of 1982
Bobby Locke

Class of 1983
Ken O'Connor

Company Sponsorship:

C.M Zottola, LLC
Ciro Zottola

The Mirabile Family
The Passarini Family
Elaine Schoener

Thank you for your generous financial contributions!

If you have questions about sponsorship, please contact:

Paul Carney, Capt
Class of '78
email: pauljcarney@gmail.com




One of our major goals in planning this celebration and reunion of friends, teammates, coaches, and family has been to emulate what Waltham Wrestling has been all about from the day it was established by Coach Pass: to be all inclusive.

We have organized what promises to be a first class, enjoyable and entertaining evening for us all to come back together, but at a reasonable cost that everyone can afford.

As a result, we are reaching out to those members of the Coach Pass Waltham Wrestling Family who may be in a position to help subsidize and support the evening’s activities and related costs in any way possible. We have established a series of Sponsorship Levels that provide financial assistance to our event.

We will be pleased to acknowledge you as a sponsor, on the website and at the event -- by name or anonymously. We will list all of the sponsors' names together as one group, not by sponsorship levels.

What will the sponsorships fund?

The financial sponsorships are intended to:

  • help defray the individual event ticket price --
    the actual per person costs is expected to be higher than the event ticket price of $35 per person, but we didn't want to charge a price that
    might exclude someone's ability to attend the event due to cost;
  • fund invitations to a group of honored guests;
  • provide commemorative T-shirts and an event program and
  • finance professional audio video documentation during the event

To top off our event we would like to retain a professional audio video production firm to record the evening’s festivities and conduct interviews of any willing participant, providing documented evidence of our many great stories and times together and beyond.

Again, in order to make this a once-in-a-life-time, first class event, we are asking for support from anyone who feels they can offer assistance.  Please see the list of Sponsorship Levels below.

Sponsorships by individuals, families and companies are gratefully accepted.  We have already retained a number of Sponsorship commitments, reflecting the great support and teamwork we learned from Coach Pass some 20 to 30 plus years ago! 

We are also seeking non-direct financial assistance for various services our event requires such as:

  -  T-shirt provider
  -  Advertising
  -  Printing of the event program
  -  Audio/Video services
  -  O
ther items and services

If you feel you might be able to assist in finding a low cost or no cost provider for any of these areas, please visit our page, Volunteer, or How You Can Help, where we list items or actions that we need help with. 


Sponsorship Levels
Fireman’s Carry $50 A level of sponsorship for those wrestlers who can’t attend the event but would like to make a contribution.
Whizzer $100 1 ticket
Cross Face $200 1 ticket
Headlock $300 up to 2 tickets
High Crotch $400 up to 2 tickets
Pancake $500 up to 2 tickets
Takedown $750 up to 3 tickets
Pin $1,000 or more up to 4 tickets


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