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  A Message From Coach Pass ....
Coach Pass then.....

... and now

Seeing all of you again is a dream I have carried with me for many years.


Hand Control... Stick'em.. Shoot... Free your hips... Elbows in ... Head up... Half... High Crotch... Cover the hips... Cradle... Flurry and catch... Pick an ankle... Switch Reswitch...

Come on Babies!!

Why a reunion celebration?

“Coach, we should have a reunion.”

Every time I connect with a former wrestler I am moved by the passion and gratitude expressed about the experiences and time we shared at Waltham HS, and I am always asked this question. There is no one event that can fully describe the impact of Waltham wrestling on my life, but I have been told by many of you that our coach/athlete relationship was very special.

Let’s all get together and share these stories and enjoy how very lucky we are to have each other, and how lucky we were to work together. Have you met many people who can look back to a High School program with as much joy and pride like we can? Seeing all of you again is a dream I have carried with me for many years.

This dream has only grown stronger over the years. I want to find out why so many of you have told me that your Waltham wrestling experience was the happiest time of your life. We have a very special story to tell and this reunion may be a good way to begin to tell it.

I would like to learn what your wrestling experience means to your life. How has it helped to shape your character, and what impact did our experience have on your life? If you cannot attend the reunion I would still like to hear from you. Please plan to call, send an email, a tape recording or a video recording of your thoughts and feelings.

I would like to tell you in person how much you mean to me. I would also like to learn what role the dynamic nature of the sport of Wrestling played in your maturity and development and how our "Coach/Athlete" relationship may have influenced your life, because I know how much it has influenced my life.

Some of my most memorable stories include many of your parents. Many of you are now parents and can appreciate people and programs that teach valuable lessons and bring joy to your children. The following story best describes this sentiment:

In 1972 Rick Pidgeon was a sophomore on the wrestling team and wanted to show his appreciation for a great season. At Christmas time he asked his mother Shirley to bake me an applesauce cake. Every Christmas for 34 years Shirley Pidgeon has baked me an applesauce cake.

The applesauce cake is just one great example of the love and respect that I share with your parents.

I would love to hear from any parents that would like to share their stories and memories of Waltham wrestling.

Save the date: Saturday June 23rd 2007
This event could be one of the most enjoyable and funniest evenings you have had in a long time. I hope to see soon.

Your Friend,

Coach Pass
email: jpass33@earthlink.net
phone: 781-696-2497